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MTS and Deltares Celebrate the Grand Opening of the World’s Deepest Wave Maker

Eden Prairie, Minn. – October 19, 2015 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC), a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, is proud to announce the Grand Opening of the world’s deepest wave simulation system at Deltares in The Netherlands. The “Delta Flume” is the most advanced wave generation system in the world.

As the deepest system in the world and with a flume of 300 meters, it can generate wave heights up to 5.0 meters, the highest magnitude currently possible with a system of this type. The system is also capable of simulating tides to test the durability of structures in coastal regions.

Deltares selected MTS in 2013 to design, build and assist with the installation of this engineering marvel. The wave generation system includes a 20-ton wave board, four of the longest-stroke hydraulic actuators ever built by MTS each weighing 15 tons, six large hydraulic power units with a distribution system, and digital servo hardware and software controls for generating both regular and irregular waves.

“As an independent institution for applied research in the field of water and infrastructure, we are extremely pleased with our collaboration with MTS. The flume is unique in capacity and its ability to test larger scale articles and provide higher fidelity results,” stated Cees van Leeuwen, Director Real Estate and Construction for Deltares. “This has been a long and challenging project, and we have never questioned our decision to go with the world’s leader in testing solutions, MTS.”

The research conducted at the facility will help engineers to design stronger and more durable structures, such as piers, oil rigs, dikes, and offshore wind turbines, to mitigate the effects of erosion and waves. While focusing on the Netherlands’ issues first, Deltares also consults with many coastal cities around the world, including Venice, New York and New Orleans, to better prepare their cities for the changing climate.

“MTS is proud to collaborate with industry leaders such as Deltares to improve our world,” shared Dr. Jeffrey Graves, MTS Chief Executive Officer and President. “The work done together enables research that is critical to addressing global climate change and minimizes the impact of changing environmental conditions.”

About MTS Systems Corporation

MTS Systems Corporation’s testing hardware, software and services solutions help customers accelerate and improve their design, development, and manufacturing processes and are used for determining the mechanical behavior of materials, products, and structures. MTS’ high-performance position sensors provide controls for a variety of industrial and vehicular applications. MTS had 2,180 employees at September 27, 2014 and revenue of $564 million for the fiscal year ended September 27, 2014. Additional information on MTS can be found at

About Deltares

Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure. Throughout the world, we work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Our main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. Managing these densely populated and vulnerable areas is complex, which is why we work closely with governments, businesses, other research institutes and universities at home and abroad. Our motto is Enabling Delta Life. As an applied research institute, the success of Deltares can be measured in the extent to which our expert knowledge can be used in and for society. For Deltares the quality of our expertise and advice comes first. Read more at

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