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MTS and CATARC Unveil Comprehensive Vehicle Test and Innovation Facility

Eden Prairie, Minn. – July 30, 2015 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC), a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, and CATARC (China's Automotive Technology & Research Center) have strengthened their long-term relationship with CATARC's opening of a new test facility in China. CATARC is an organization created by the Chinese government in 1985 to advance the Chinese automotive industry, including technical regulations, product certifications, and automotive standards in the Chinese market.

Drawing on MTS technology and CATARC's knowledge and experience of China's automotive industry, the CATARC-MTS Vehicle Test Technology & Innovation Platform upgrades CATARC's core test capabilities, allowing the automotive manufacturers it works with to bring to market next-generation vehicles that have improved reliability, safety and fuel efficiency. Among the advanced technologies that MTS has supplied are multi-axial simulation tables, multi-axial spindle-coupled road simulators and mHIL™ (mechanical hardware-in-the-loop) hybrid simulation systems. CATARC is also making use of MTS rolling resistance test technologies and the company's material testing systems.

Thanks to the MTS ground vehicle testing systems, the new CATARC capabilities can address issues such as vehicle aerodynamics, durability and performance, and advanced testing simulation. Establishing these capabilities also allows MTS and CATARC to work together on developing and implementing new automotive testing technologies and techniques.

The formal opening of the facility represents the expansion of a relationship that began more than thirty years ago. Recently, this relationship has included successful MTS Automotive Test Seminars held at CATARC's headquarters in Tianjin, northern China. These events, which focused on the progression of ground vehicle testing, attracted hundreds of representatives from a large number of vehicle manufacturers and tier one suppliers, as well as academic and research institutions.

"The Chinese automotive industry is quickly adopting and developing technology at world-class levels," stated Dr. Jeffrey Graves, Chief Executive Officer and President of MTS. "Closer alignment between MTS and CATARC will be of great benefit to both parties, combining the advanced technology of MTS in ground vehicle test with CATARC's eminent position at the forefront of automotive development in China. Moreover, it underlines MTS' ongoing commitment to the Chinese market and the unique, knowledge-based value proposition the company offers."

"CATARC continues to make major investments in cutting-edge technology in order to meet our commitment to drive the Chinese automotive sector forward," stated Zhao Hang, President of CATARC. "Over a period of three decades, MTS has played a vital role in supporting our endeavours by supplying us with superior test solutions and we are excited at the prospect of further cooperation to deal with the wealth of opportunities ahead."

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Located in Tianjin, the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) was established in 1985, responding to the need of the country's automotive industry management and upon the approval of the China National Science and Technology Commission. It now has 3360 employees and is affiliated to SASAC (the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission). Services provided by CATARC cover automotive standardization and technical regulations; vehicle testing, inspection and conformity; engineering design, construction management and supervision; and automotive policy analysis. For more information visit: